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Opers Rules

  • A server can have a maximum of 2 Admin and 3 global IRCops.
  • Operator are not allowed to use their powers over registered channels
  • The Operators of this Network reserve the right to block Channels or Users who breach these rules
  • Operator are not allowed to disconnect users or servers.
  • Operator are not allowed to do anything that could result in damage to the server.
  • Operator should take action against channels, should they find any illegal activities going on in those channels

Users Rules

  • Sending many messages in a short amount of time is called flooding the channel. Flooding the channel disrupts all conversations. Please don't do it.
  • No flooding channels, users, staff members, or spamming.
  • No distribution of copyrighted material or pornography.
  • No DoS/ICMP mass ping attacks or Nukes.
  • No mass/repeated advertising of channels, websites, IRC networks, etc.
  • No attempts to disrupt network services.

Bots Rules

  • Bots are permitted provided they set usermode +B upon connection
  • Channel takeovers are not permitted - however, it is the responsibility of channels' operators to protect their channels through the use of services.
  • No spamming and/or advertising. hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution).
  • All Hacked/Rooted Boxes will be Permanently G:lined on sight
  • No flooding or anything of that matter
  • No DoS or DDoS
  • No abusive behaviour permitted
  • No mass inviting messaging

Failure to adhere to these rules

  • may result in either a temporary or a permanent ban from the network. You have been warned.