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Maintainers: Parrot

Buzznet Network

WebSite of Buzznet Network

Official Gitea of Buzznet Network

This Wiki Is Under Construction

  • Operated by: Parrot
  • Operating since: 2016
  • TheLounge is up only for admin of buzznet
  • webmail is active for admin of buzznet
  • pastebin is now active and ready to use
  • some of those servers are on Buzznet network, running on Unrealircd + Anope Service
  • Operators on this server will NOT get involved with channel or nickname related issues. For all channel disputes, please join #Services
  • This server, its STAFF and the people hosting it are *NOT* responsible for the content that passes through this server.
  • Use of this server is a *privilege* which may be removed at any time and for any reason by the friendly server operators.
  • We scan for open proxy on connect. if you do not wish to be scanned, please do not connect to these servers