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Access levels

These are the modes that grant a certain 'level' to a user.

Channel mode Module Description Restrictions
v chanmodes/voice Voice. This makes the user able to speak in +m/+M channels. User can also still speak if banned. May be set by +hoaq users
h chanmodes/halfop Half-Op. Gives some of the usual channel operator rights, but not all. They are basically a light version of channel ops. May be set by +oaq users
o chanmodes/chanop Channel Op. This is the channel operator privilege everyone knows about, allows the user to do almost all administrative tasks in a channel such as /KICK, /MODE, etc.. May be set by +oaq users
a chanmodes/chanadmin Channel Admin. A level above channel ops but with no special extra privileges except for one: people below chanadmin (so +h/+o) cannot KICK +a people. May be set by +q users
q chanmodes/chanowner Channel Owner. The highest level. Channel owners can't be kicked by any level below. Usually there's only one person with +q and the mode is set by services. Normal users can't set this

Note that often Services are used to manage +vhoaq lists in so called "access lists" or AOP/HOP/etc. Consult your services documentation.

Disabling levels

In UnrealIRCd 5 these are built-in modules that cannot be disabled. In UnrealIRCd 6 you can decide not to load a level by using blacklist-module, eg blacklist-module "chanmodes/chanowner"; if you don't want +q.

List modes

These are so called 'list modes'.

Channel mode Module Description Restrictions
b built-in Ban. Prevents a user from joining the channel. Requires +h or higher
e built-in Ban exception. When a user is banned (due to +b) and they are on this +e list then they may still join the channel. Requires +h or higher
I built-in Invite exception. When the channel is +i (invite only) then people on this list may still join the channel. Requires +h or higher

All these modes take a nick!user@host parameter, like: +b *!*@* See also Extended bans for other syntaxes (eg: +e ~channel:@#lobby).

Channel settings

These are channel modes that configure channel settings.

Channel mode Module Description Restrictions
c chanmodes/nocolor No color allowed in the channel. Will block ANSI and mIRC color codes. Requires +o or higher
C chanmodes/noctcp No CTCP's allowed in the channel. Requires +o or higher
D chanmodes/delayjoin Delays someone's JOIN message until that person speaks. Chanops and higher, opers and ulines/services are exempt. Requires +o or higher
d chanmodes/delayjoin When unsetting +D, Unreal needs to process all remaining delayed users (i.e. invisible in the channel to regular users) to make them JOIN. +d is an intermediate/temporary mode to facilitate this and will be unset once all users are properly "joined". Set by server
f chanmodes/floodprot Flood protection. This is a highly advanced feature, see channel mode +f. Requires +o or higher
G chanmodes/censor Filter out bad words configured in Badword block Requires +o or higher
H chanmodes/history Turns on Channel History. For more information how to use this see Channel history Requires +o or higher
i chanmodes/inviteonly Invite only. Requires people to be /INVITE'd to the channel or be on the +I (Invite Exceptions) list (for that latter, see the List modes section above) Requires +o or higher
k chanmodes/key Require users to specify a channel key in order to join (/JOIN #chan key). Example: +k secret Requires +h or higher
K chanmodes/noknock /KNOCK command is not allowed. Requires +o or higher
L chanmodes/link Channel link. If the +l user limit (see below) is reached then users will automatically be redirected to this channel. Example: +L #something Requires +o or higher
l chanmodes/limit Limit the amount of users that may be in the channel. If the limit is reached then any new JOIN's are rejected (see also +L above). Requires +o or higher
m chanmodes/moderated Moderated channel. Only people with +v or higher (+vhoaq) may speak. Requires +h or higher
M chanmodes/regonlyspeak Must be authenticated to services or have +v or higher to speak. Requires +o or higher
N chanmodes/nonickchange No nick-changes permitted. Normally not set, only during a a nick-flood flood attack. Requires +o or higher
n chanmodes/noexternalmsgs No external messages. If you don't set +n then users outside the channel may still send messages to it. Thus, almost everyone will set their channel +n. Requires +h or higher
O chanmodes/operonly IRC Operator only channel IRCOp-only
P chanmodes/permanent Permanent channel. After all users leave a channel it is normally destroyed. If you set +P then this won't happen and all settings are preserved.

In addition to that, all channel settings (modes, bans, topic, etc.) are saved in a database and restored on startup via the channeldb module.

p chanmodes/private Private channel. Partially conceals the existence of the channel. Users cannot see this channel name unless they are a member of it. For example, if you WHOIS a user who is on a +p channel, this channel is omitted from the response - unless you are on the same channel. IRC Operators will always see +p channels and its members. Requires +o or higher
Q chanmodes/nokick No /KICK allowed. Can be used to force all chanops to use Services for kicking. Unusual, but possible. Requires +o or higher
R chanmodes/regonly Only registered users may join the channel. Registered users are users authenticated to Services. Requires +o or higher
r chanmodes/isregistered Channel is registered at Services Set by services
s chanmodes/secret Secret channel. Extends the functionality of +p (above), but in addition to this, it will act as if the channel does not exist at all for queries like /TOPIC, /LIST and /NAMES. One exception to this is that it will always respond to the /MODE command. IRC Operators will always see +s channels and its members. Requires +o or higher
S chanmodes/stripcolor Strip color codes. This removes any mIRC or ANSI color codes by converting it to regular text. Requires +o or higher
T chanmodes/nonotice Channel notices are not permitted (/NOTICE #chan hi!). On many clients a beeping sound will happen on notices, hence why this mode is sometimes set. Requires +o or higher
t chanmodes/topiclimit Restricts /TOPIC to +h or higher. Without +t anyone in the channel may set the topic. Most channels are +t. Requires +h or higher
V chanmodes/noinvite /INVITE is not permitted. Requires +o or higher
z chanmodes/secureonly Only clients which are connected through SSL/TLS may join the channel Requires +o or higher
Z chanmodes/issecure Indicates that only people who are using SSL/TLS are on the channel. This channel mode is (only) set by the server when the channel is also +z and everyone on the channel is connected via SSL. Set by server